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Mentorship is one of the most important tools for professional development and has been linked to greater productivity, career advancement, and professional satisfaction. Women in Public Finance (“WPF”) recognizes that mentorship is critical in helping to nurture and grow future leaders, maintain current industry leaders modernized; and, that a mentorship program is a key opportunity to engage new and existing members. The WPF Mentorship Program (“Program”) seeks to establish mentoring relationships between WPF Members. 

The WPF Mentorship Program aims to promote career and leadership development. WPF Member Mentors will have opportunities to further develop leadership skills and learn about emerging trends from the next generation of their peers. Member Mentees will gain a trusted colleague and learn methods for career advancement. All parties will form professional relationships and share advocacy, professional, and research interests. 

The Women in Public Finance Mentorship Program aims to support the Women in Public Finance mission of providing opportunities to advance the careers of women in the public finance industry by developing and facilitating a structured and guided mentorship program that will foster supportive professional relationships. PROGRAM OBJECTIVES - A Forward and Reverse Mentorship Program focused on the formation of integral mentorship relationships so that Women in Public Finance Members may further develop their knowledge of the industry, unique skillsets and leadership skills. The program will also offer scholarship recipients a mentor within Women in Public Finance and further promote relationships and networking between Chapters and other Committees.

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"I took so much away from my experience with my WPF mentee. We are somewhat close in age and years of experience, but work in different areas of public finance and have different work/life balances. I have found throughout my years that being a woman in this industry takes a lot of composure and understanding as we have to drastically adjust our balances at work as our personal lives change. I learned a lot from my mentee in that respect and we still talk every other week to this day as she helps me prepare to become a mom. I am so thankful to have been included in the WPF mentorship program as our relationships and what we learn from each other empower us."

Kayla MacEwen
Director – Hilltop Securities Inc.

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