Executive Presence in a Time of Crisis: 3 Strategies to Strengthen Your Skills


May 20, 2020, 12 p.m. CDT

Program Summary:
Do you ever have that feeling that things just “work out” for some people while others struggle to move forward? Executive presence is that mysterious “soft” skill that tends to elude and confuse professionals. In a time of crisis where unemployment is historically high, every tool in your career toolbox matters.

Many professionals give up and feel they either have presence or they don’t. It often seems like the harder you try to improve your presence, the more inauthentic you feel. And yet the very essence of executive presence is to develop authentic and effective leadership skills to propel your career.

During this program we will discuss the ways you can positively transform and improve your executive presence skills. You have the ability to make dramatic changes to how you show up. Tune into this Women in Public Finance (WPF) webinar to learn three practical strategies to transform your executive presence into an effective tool for career advancement and leadership.

Key Takeaways From This Webinar:

  • Learn why your personal presence may be the number one factor that either holds you back or propels you forward.
  • Understand the factors that make up executive presence and which factors you have agency to change.
  • Access to Apochromatik’s proprietary Executive Presence Assessment tool to assess your skills and tell you the skills to focus on for the most efficient improvement.
  • Three specific strategies to transform your presence.

Presented by
Keith R. Sbiral

Keith is a Certified Professional Coach who focuses his practice on helping professionals address their unique career challenges through a variety of assessments, coaching tools, and a direct, approachable technique. He helps clients assess their overall career trajectory, identify challenges, and plan and execute goals to achieve their desired outcomes. In some cases career transition is the goal, in others it is expanding a skill set and ensuring a balanced approach to professional and personal life. Keith also works with retirees to find meaning in the post-career transition. He draws on nearly 20 years in a successful municipal management and planning career, communications background, and work as a photographer to help his clients achieve the life they desire. His career advice has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Fast Company, Forbes, Glassdoor, and Monster.

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